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Patrick Murphy - Professional Astrologer

Patrick Murphy - Professional Astrologer - Astrological Visionary

Private Services - by Appointment Only



Payment Terms and Conditions

Session Requirements - Data provided by you for your greatest accuracy results

  1. Exact time (am/pm) and date; and
  2. Exact location of birth. Best source: birth certificate (1. hospital, 2. state vital statistics)
  3. Current location (country, state, city)
  4. Marriage and relationships: all of the above for wedding or other party
  5. Absent the exact time of birth: We can work with inaccurate data to the best of our abilities

Service Details

General Astrological Consultation

All sessions are held privately, because we have found that spouses, lovers, friends, and relatives tend to interfere with the sessions by attempting to manipulate or control the conversation toward their own perspectives or advantage.

Printed materials, including software generated reports, are provided at time of service, by user request.

Absolute privacy and confidence are assured.

Together, we discuss your personal concerns, situations, and relations during a two hour session with the goal/aim of using astrology to provide insight into the situations presented and to provide astrological forecasting of future conditions and trends. We can cover past events, as well.

Astrology Software Reports Available (Private Sessions)


Many have wasted considerable time and money, presenting false data to hide their age or for other reasons to astrologers. Please do not waste our time bearing false witness to your souls. What could you possibly gain?

Additional Warning: You may not like what I tell you, but, I will not lie to you or paint pretty pictures over reality. All sessions are recorded in confidentiality for our mutual reflection, archiving, and protection.

Astrological Roots


Biography (short) [mp3]

Patrick Murphy is an astrological visionary who has benefited individuals for nearly 50 years with his astrological guidance, insights, forecasting, predictions and counseling.

Interested in spiritual astrology at a very young age, he recognized the close physical resemblence, mannerisms, behavioral characistics, and spiritual radiance of people based upon birth date (Sun sign).

In 1970, Patrick began his intellectual pursuit into the serious study of astrology, shortly after his initiation into the daily practice of Transcendental Meditation.

Intrigued by the writings of L. Edward Johndro (four books), through reading them beginning in 1971, he was most impressed with the Johndro work 'A New Conception of Sign Rulership.'

During the 1970's, he began developing the system of Unified Field Astrology®, while practicing Cosmobiology, a German school of astrology, founded by Reinhold Ebertin, for several years. During the later part of this period (1978), he began the study of software development, i.e., computer programming with end goals to develop astrology programs, and to gain employment in this field. His astrological system continues under development using his latest research findings.

In the 1990's, Patrick operated a computerized astrological reporting service, 'Unified Field Technologies', marketing several astrological reports, and advertised these reports in Dell Horoscope Magazine. He designed and developed the entire code for the package of reports in C/C++ and Pascal. Additionally, he offered other astrological service providers with an extensive and comprehensive computerized astronomical ephemeris system he developed spanning thousands of years, in geocentric and heliocentric coordinate systems, and designed for easy integration into their existing systems - all Y2K compliant long before Y2K. He continues active development of software for the system of Unified Field Astrology® with the aim of making results of his life of astrological research, eventually, available to everyone.

Today, he remains unimpressed by sophists, the false, phony, and trendy 'new agers', 'yoga enthusiasts', and 'false spiritualists' who practice the banal, violent rhetoric and behavior of their totalitarian political activism which is absolutely and completely anti-Spiritual and un-Enlightened, vulgarly secular and infinitely destructive. Actions speak louder than words. Talking the talk is easy. Walking the walk requires Spiritual discipline.

Astrological counseling is a demanding field which requires considerable expertise, insight, and experience in order to be effective.

Patrick is employed as a software engineer and mathematician spanning over 40 years of software development, and has worked on numerous projects for many well-known companies and government agencies, both as consultant and employee. Currently employed in the telecommunications industry, he is busy developing network automation engineering software solutions in the financial sector, yet, devotes considerable time to his many loyal astrological clients through self-discipline and effective time-management.

Astrology Software

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